The Big Nude Seafood $6.50

A homemade chowder mix of fresh fish, mussels and prawns sure to leave you hooked!

The Big Nude Seafood Pie - Fat Bastard Pies


Magic Steak & Mushroom $6.00

The steaks have never been higher especially when put with mushrooms and enclosed in a golden pastry shell.

Iconic NZ Pies - Magic Steak & Mushroom Pie


Lucifer’s Pepper Steak $6.00

Fiery pepper steak from the gates of hell. Best to have a glass of milk handy, this pie has attitude.

Lucifer’s Pepper Steak Pie  - Iconic NZ Pies


Creamy Farmhouse Chicken $6.50

Large chicken and bacon pieces smothered in a thick flavoursome sauce that’s sure to ruffle your feathers.

Fat Bastard Pies - Creamy Farmhouse Chicken


Skinny Indian $6.50

A rich homemade butter chicken inspired mixture with mild twangs of spice wrapped in a flaky crust. 

Skinny Indian - Homemade Butter Chicken Pie


Cranberry Chicken & Brie $6.50

Sweet cranberry & creamy brie layered on top of a hearty chicken mixture that will leave you pecking for more.

Fat Bastard Pies - Cranberry Chicken & Brie


Veggie Thai Curry $6.50 (Vegan)

Spicy red Thai curry veggies soothed with a hint of coconut cream, because vegans can be Fat Bastards too!

Fat Bastard Pies - Full Vegan NZ Pie


Classic Mince $5.50

If you’re not into silly flavours you can always find comfort in a classic mince. Rich gravy wrapped up in a flaky circle to make what we call a ‘pie’.

Fat Bastard Pies - Classic Kiwi Mince Pie


Mr Mince & Big Cheese: $6.00

Classic mince recipe combined with creamy hot cheese. Our homemade mixture reminds you not to underestimate the classics.

 Fat Bastard Pies - Mr Mince and Big Cheese


Southland Mutton $5.50

Mutton pies the way they should be. A solid core dripping in fat covered by pastry goodness.

Fat Bastard Pies - Classic Southland Mutton Pie


Bacon and Egg $5.50

A truly understated kiwi classic. Bacon, egg and a layer of creamy cheese.

 Bacon & Egg - Fat Bastard Pies, Invercargill, NZ


Miss Steak & Cheese $6.00

Why is it a ‘Miss Steak’ you ask? Once you’ve tasted the distinctive tender steak pieces topped with a creamy layer of cheese there’s no going back to mainstream pies.

 Fat Bastard Pies - Steak pies


Little Fat Lamb $6.50

Roasted kumara and tender lamb pieces smothered in a homemade gravy. Yes, you have entered pie heaven.

 NZ Kiwi Pies - Lamb