Fat Bastard Pies - Meet the team!

"A Southland Institution"

The Fat Bastard Pies bakery is its own local institution offering handcrafted cake, coffee, and of course iconic Fat Bastard Pies. While small in size, it is big in heart. There is a line out the door most lunchtimes, but it never takes long to get through. That’s the great thing about getting a piping hot pie in a brown paper bag, there is no waiting around.

Most Fat Bastards run into the shop with their eyes glued to the pie cabinet. Once they have their golden pastry circle, they tuck it under their arm and scurry off down the street back to work. Tourists tend to hang around in the shop more, taking a stool in-store and immersing themselves in pastry goodness. Many of our visitors purchase branded Fat Bastard Pies t-shirts, trucker caps and even get photos of themselves in front of the Fat Bastard sign.


“Where are you Fat Bastards?”

Our bakery is located at 158 Tay st, Invercargill, next to Blue Star Taxis and Countdown. The shop is open from 6.30 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, Monday to Friday. The bakery is not open on weekends, us fat bastards need our rest.


“What do you Fat Bastards sell?”

You can help yourself to a full range of exclusive Fat Bastard Pies, as well as homemade cakes, slices, wraps, sandwiches, coffee and a miscellaneous range of bakery items filled with cream. You can also purchase Fat Bastard Pies branded trucker caps and t-shirts. We offer cold pie boxes where you can mix and match flavours of your choosing and hide them away for later temptation. You can get 6 cold pies for $30 or 12 cold pies for $60. The catch is you’re only allowed a maximum of 3 of one flavour, so don't get greedy. You can drool over the exclusive pie flavours available in-store here.